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1964� thru 1973 Classic Mustang Site - aka VMF - Bob Dooley's Mustang How Tos and FAQ, classifieds, forums, Mustang Club Listings, trivia, reading, and more.
1964-1973 Mustang Colors - Jason Zimberoff's picture archive shows what the original colors of classic Mustangs actually look like on real cars.
1965-1973 Vintage Mustang FAQ - Answers some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about restoring, maintaining, and owning a 1965-73 vintage Mustang. Mostly derived from the discussions on the Vintage Mustang Forums above. - Lots of information about the 1965 Shelby GT-350 Mustang. Includes classifieds.
1966 Shelby Convertibles and Continuation series - The true story about the 1966 Shelby convertibles, the 80ies Continuation series and the one that was just very close to become one.
1967 Shelby Trans Am Hardtop Mustang - This is Bj�rnar Dj�nne and Wolfgang Kohrn's site on one of only 26 Shelby Trans Am Hardtops raced by Bo Ljungfeldt in Sweden back in the heydays of T/A racing.
1967 Stallion - The Canadian - High Stamina Performance Mustang - In 1967 Mainway Ford in Toronto decided it was time to offer their customers something more powerful and outstanding from the Mustang herd. This site is an attempt to register them all by Raynald B�langer and Wolfgang Kohrn.
The 1968 Mustangs - Specs and pictures of 1968 Mustangs. Includes 1968 Regional Specials like the California Special, High Country Special, Gold Nugget Special, Cardinal Special, SunShine Special, Big Red Special, Sprint and T5.
1968� - 1970 Mustang 428 Cobra Jet Registry - Lots of information about the 428 Cobra Jet engines, including a registry and discussion forum. - 1969 Mustang Supersite. Includes information, How-To articles, gallery, new, links and forums.
1969 T5 428 Super Cobra Jet - the only one built! - Pictures of a one-of-a-kind German export Mustang called T5 - which is now in Norway.
1970 Mustang Mach I Registry - Online registry and resource for 1970 Mach I owners and enthusiasts. Includes production numbers, tips, pictures, etc.
1970 Mustang Sidewinder Special - This page presents David Charlier's '70 Sidewinder special. Wolfgang Kohrn is attempting to register them all through his website. Another Sidewinder Special can be seen here.
1971-1972 Shelby Europe Showroom and Registry - Wolfgang Kohrn's site about the history of the 14 1971/72 built Shelby Europes. These cars were built under licence agreement of the Belgium Shelby dealer Claude DuBois and Carroll Shelby. The only two 1971 Shelby Europe convertibles built can be seen here and here.
1971 - 73 Mach I Registry - Les Morris' Mustang Mach I registry site includes technical information, events, message board and more.
1972 Mustang Sprint pictures & facts - 1972 Mustang Sprint coupe, sportsroof and convertible pictures.
67 Shelby GT500 - Largest 1967 Shelby GT500 source on the Internet. Includes pictures, movies, wallpapers, screensavers, information, etc.
69-70 Mustang Supersite - Larry McNally's site dedicated to all things 69-70 Mustang. Technical discussion board, classifieds, production numbers, etc.
71-73 Mustang Web Page - Dan Sibley's site dedicated to 1971 - 1973 Mustangs with a lot of info, specs, and pictures.

71 429 CJ Mustang and Cougar Megasite - Hard to find information on these extremely rare cars as well as the 429 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet engines they came equipped with.
8 Cylinder Muscle Cars - Ford Mustang and other muscle car enthusiast website. Links to other Muscle car sites.

The Best 1968 Shelby Webpage - Pete Disher's site includes a lot of technical information about the 1968 Shelby Mustangs.
The Big-block Mach - Devoted to 1969-72 Boss and Mach I Mustangs.
Body Buck Tag Decoder - Decode your classic Mustang body buck tag.
BOSS 351 Mustang Page - Information about the 1971 Boss 351 Mustang.
Boss 429 - Erik Johnson's site dedicated to the Boss 429 Mustang. Also includes his '95 GT.
Bossman Motorsports - Randy Dickerson's site with many Ford drawings and other information about the Boss Mustangs. Includes Boss Mustangs he has restored and his current projects.
Brad's Mustang Page - Many pictures of the restoration of Brad Fiechtner's '67 fastback GT.
Bucks County Mustangs - Mustang restoration, reconditioning and collision work for all years. Includes Mustangs for sale.
Bullitt - Wolfgang Kohrn's site includes lots of information about the 1968 movie "Bullitt" starring Steve McQueen and the Bullitt Mustang.
Bullitt - Another site with information about the 1968 movie "Bullitt" starring Steve McQueen and the Bullitt Mustang.






WWW.KILLERPAINT.COM As seen on TLC Cable show's RIDES and OVERHAULIN, He was also a featured painter on MONSTER GARAGE. Mike Lavalleehas a true talent for painting and airbrushing..... this REAL FIRE look is becoming more and more popular.  Mike's  Shop is located in Snohomish, Washington - GT/CS and HCS Mustangs - Site dedicated to the 1968 California Specials and 1966-68 High Country Specials. Includes registry forms, facts, figures, photos, classifieds and more.




The Cammer Corner - Page dedicated to the Ford 427 SOHC cammer.
Canadian Mustang Parts & Sales Ltd. - Their site includes lots of information on each year, car corral photos, forum, quiz, etc.
The Car Source - Dennis Begley's site primarily dedicated to the Shelby Mustangs and Cobras.

Carroll Shelby interview by Robb Report magazine - The Robb Report did a really cool audio interview with Carroll Shelby in June 2002. It is on their website complete with photo slideshow. - Classic Car Rental and Sales.
Classic Auto & Appraisal - Specializing in Mustang, Shelby, and Cobra. Vehicle appraisals, consignments, virtual showroom, and locator service.
Classic Cars - Links to many classic car sites, including Mustang and Shelby.
Classic Ford Mustangs - Dedicated to the 1965-69 Ford Mustang. Classifieds, Message Boards, gallery and information.
Classic Mustang Analyzer - Shareware program to decode 1965 - 1973 Ford Mustang VIN number and Warranty Tag information. Also Mustang shows and events and Mustang books.
Classic Mustang Dataplate Decoder - W.L. Durban Publishing's free online VIN decoder and their Mustang Secret Decoder Disk.
Classic Mustang Home Page - Les Reeder's History of the Ford Mustang, Data Plate Decoder, Shelby pages and Mustang links.
Classic Mustang Mailing List Homepage - Pictures of Classic Mustang mailing list members cars, hints and tips, and marketplace.
ClassicMustang.Net - Includes the Vintage Mustang Popup Toolbox and VMF Reader's Rides Parking Lot and Classic Mustang Wheel Guidelines.
Classic Mustang Reproduction Parts Rating - Reproduction parts come in varying levels of quality, usually attributed to the manufacturer. This site allows a person to rate a reproduction part such that others can benefit from their experience.
Classic Mustangs - Peter's Mustang site with Mustang images, technical information, links and downloads.
Classic Mustangs - The complete history of the Mustang between 1964 and 1973 with pictures and videos. Mustangs - Hamilton Authenticated Die-cast Ford Mustang collectibles.
Classic Mustangs in the Movies - Listing of hundreds of movies with classic Mustangs in them. Compiled by the Copperstate Mustang Club .
Classic Pony - Home to the original Pony Cars 1965-73.
Cobra Forum - Largest online cobra forum for replica builders and enthusiasts. Forums, classifieds, photo gallery, etc.
CR Services Muscle cars of the Sixties - Includes the '65 Mustang and '69 Mach 1. - David's site with pictures and information of the real "Eleanor" and of his '67 Mustang fastback project.
Dark Horse Racing - Classic Mustang Trans-Am racing team.
Dave's 1966 Mustang Tech Site - Formerly Dave's Hawaiian Mustang Page, Dave Hammar's site is dedicated to 1966 Mustang & Ford information that no one else considers important. Be sure to check out his Mustang Article database Search Engine for Mustang Monthly, Mustang & Fords and Mustang Illustrated.
Dave's Mustang Fanatic Web Page - Mustang Identifier and tech tips including clutch bushing replacement, carb specs and speedometer gear calculator. Also includes information on the conversion to a 4-speed from an automatic.
Diamonds are Forever - Mike Alameda and Wolfgang Kohrn's insider website on the famous red Mach 1 used in the 1971 James Bond movie "Diamonds are Forever".
Dream Car Garage - The 2002 season of this program on Speed Channel will show the restoration of a '65 Shelby GT-350.
Dusk Rose Mustang Page - Gerben van Vlimmeren's page devoted to all (approximately 5000) "S" color coded 1967 Mustangs.
E-Car '65 Stang - A 1965 Mustang coupe that has been converted to Electric Power!
First Mustang - Which Mustang was first off the production line, a white convertible, or a blue coupe? Check out this story about VIN # 5F07U1000002.
Ford Mustang Classic Information Page - Information about the 4 generations of classic Mustang.
Ford Mustang Mach I 1969 - Site for 1969 Mustang Mach I in France.
Ford Mustang Page by Mari�t Lublink - Ford Mustang history, links, events, fun stuff, pictures, classic advertisement, etc.
Ford T-Five Site Nederland - For the Ford Mustang with no name, the T-5 shipped to Europe from 1964 - 1978.
German Mustang Site - A Mustang site in Germany with information and registry.
Gnatsum - Danish classic Mustang site.
Goldfinger Mustang page - Wolfgang Kohrn's site includes lots of information about the 1964 movie "Goldfinger" with the first appearance of the Mustang on the Big Screen.
Gone In 60 Seconds - Official website of the 1974 cult classic movie "Gone In 60 Seconds" which features a 40 minute chase scene with a '73 Mustang sportsroof.
Gone In 60 Seconds - Starring Nicholas Cage, this is a remake of the 1974 cult classic movie "Gone In 60 Seconds" listed above. Film was released to theaters on June 9, 2000 and on video and DVD December 5, 2000.
Granman's Home Page - Information for the novice Mustang restoration hobbyist. Steve Gran's current project is a '64� coupe.
The Great Stallions - A small site dedicated to '64-'74 Mustangs. Site features include picture galleries, history of the Mustang, and more.
Henry Ford Museum 1965 Mustang - Press releases, photos, specs, etc.
High Country Special Mustangs - Site dedicated to the 1966-68 High Country Specials and 1968 California Specials. Includes registry forms, facts, figures, photos, classifieds and more. - A site dedicated solely to the 289 High Performance Mustang. K-Code Owners can add their cars to The 289 HiPo Registry on-line. We have a HiPo eKschange page with Forums, Ads, etc.
Historic Mustang Racing Team - Historic Mustang racing at Daytona and other famous tracks.
History of the Ford Mustang - David Lagrew's site with a brief history of the Ford Mustang, including followers of the Mustang, interviews with editor of Road&Track, John Dinkel, pictures and more.
Inline Fever!!! - Doug Leach's site includes many Inline Six cylinder performance tips. Includes his '66 Mustang coupe with a Hi Performance Inline Six.
Jaycee's Chrome Pony - Pictures and history of classic Mustangs.
Jim's Mustang - Include's many how-to's such as Disk Brake Conversions, Swap to Toploader, Custom Console, and more.
La Pagina En espa�ol del Ford Mustang - History, pictures and a lot of data about vintage Mustangs in Spanish. Site by Juan Carlos Bermudez.
Limited Edition 600 - This site is to inform and identify a little known promotional unit within the Philadelphia Sales District. It is known that there were 503 Specially equipped Mustangs in this promotion. Site includes identification, original newspaper ads and registry info.
MachSpeed - A page for the '69-'70 Mustang Enthusiast.
Mark's Mustang Page - A site devoted to the Classic Mustang (1964 - 1968).
Mike's Mustang Pages - Aussie style! - Mike Brand's site for Classic Ford Mustangs with an Australian flavor.
Muscle Mustangs - Site by Alain Arnaud dedicated to the '71-'73 Mustang.
Mustang - The Original Pony Car - Dean Knight's site includes Mustang history, pictures, and his own '66 coupe.
Mustang Brag Page - Free Classified ad listings, free Brag listings, and links.
Mustang Dreams (aka S.E. Schwartz Motorcars) - Free classifieds, National Searchable Database of Mustangs for Sale. Price/Buyers Guide, Photo Gallery, basics about buying a vintage 'Stang, and the lowdown on their locating service. - Links to Classic Mustang sites.
Mustang Ken's CyberHome - Home of Ken's Mustang & Ford Links - A number of Mustang and Ford related links, and a small parts and accessories business.
Mustang Museum Inc. - Official Mustang Museum Home Page.
Mustang NetCorral - A Net-Club and Online Magazine for 1964� - 1970 Mustang Enthusiasts. Includes a forum, car show listing, photos, and a JAVA-based data plate decoder. Stale site that has not been updated since 1996!
Mustang Research Letter - Jeff Speegle's site with a collection of items, articles and information people have requested or that he has published or provided through the years. Includes pictures of cars he has restored or owned. - Photos, links, Mustang books and magazines for Classic Mustangs.
Mustang Safety - Safety upgrades to a vintage Mustang.
Mustang Six - A site for Classic Six-Cylinder Mustangs! Upgrades, performance mods, general information, and more.
Mustang Source - Site for vintage Mustang information, including history, gallery, How-Tos, parts suppliers, and more.
Mustang Specials - Information about Limited Edition Mustang Specials built from 1964 - 1973. Includes Pace Cars, High Country Specials, Sprints, Stallions, Ski Country Specials, Blue Bonnet Specials, California Specials, Gold Nugget Special, Cardinal Specials, Sunshine Specials, Colors of the Month Mustangs, Limited Edition 600, Grabbers, Twister Specials, Sidewinder Specials, Spring Sports Coupes, and Sprint USA Mustangs.
Mustang Tech - French web site dedicated to the 1964� - 1966 Ford Mustang.
Mustangs of Australia - Dedicated to the Mustang in Australia, particularly the classic Mustang. - Pictures, message boards, knowledge base, information, on classic Mustangs and other classic muscle cars. You will also find online books, videos, magazines and games.
Nostalgic Racing - Celebration of Classic Ford Mustangs - Showcases restorations in progress and provides a technical bulletin board for reader's questions to be answered by fellow enthusiasts. Also includes page for pics of reader's classics.

The Official Carroll Shelby World Wide Web Site! - The man and the cars he created.


Original Mustang and Ford TV Ads - View several 1960's TV commercials featuring classic Ford Mustangs and Shelbys in these video clips from Mike's Auto Emporium web site.
Personalized Autoworks - Get your own Pony Express Mustang Sedan Delivery replica. Only 3 Mustangs were originally made into wagons by Ford.
Project Mustang - Christian Soderlund's 1965 Mustang Fastback restoration project has many pictures of the step-by-step dismantling.
Pro Street Heaven - Cindy Williams is an ASE Certified Technician who can give expert advice/service on repairs, restorations, and customizing of Classics, Musclecars, Pro Street and early Mustang customizing.
Protree's Place - Mustangs and related info. Includes specs and stats on classic Mustangs.
The Red Mustang Page - Steph's Mustang site. Ride the Pony.
Robert Sj�din's Home Page, Mustang - Mustang history, pictures, recognition information, links and books.
Roll'n Thunder Street Machines - Site dedicated to the 1968-69 Mercury Cyclone and the 1965-69 Ford Mustang. Includes classifieds, message board and photo gallery.

Shelby American Collection - Museum in Boulder, Colorado dedicated to the history and preservation of Shelby American automobiles. Inventory includes Cobras, GT-350s, GT-40s, including the first Shelby GT-350R model, the GT40 MkIV driven by Mario Andretti at LeMans in 1967 and the 1964 LeMans winning Daytona Coupe. - History and facts about the 1968� Shelby GT-500KR.
Shelby History - Jim Race's site with old photos from the Shelby American factory. - Shelby Mustang Enthusiasts super site for 1965-1970 Shelby Mustangs.
shelbymustang Mail - Get your free E-mail address at
The Shelby Mustang Resource - A resource for the 1965 to 1970 Shelby Mustangs GT-350 and GT-500. Includes FAQ and links.
The Shelby Mustang Supersite - Under renovation.

Shelby and Mustang Information Center - Shelby production numbers, located Shelby's and Mustangs, pictures, discussion area, online chat, etc.
Shelby Coupes and GT350R's - Dan Sibley's site about the Shelby competition models.
Smokey Yunick's 1969 Trans Am Racing Mustang - 1 of only 7 Boss 302 Test Mules - This site shows previously unpublished details of the famous Yunick Mustang, that was initially built by Kar Kraft for TA racing, then converted by Yunick for a road racer, then again for competing in the Talladega circle track race. Today owned by Ross Myers (R/T Racing).
Soho's Mustang Corral - Classic Mustang picture library and links.
South Jersey Mustang - Carl Callahan's site dedicated to the classic Mustang. Includes his '73 Mach I and other Mustang facts, links, local shows and other classic car information.
Steve LaRiviere's Mustang and High Performance Ford Web Site - Dedicated to classic Mustangs, Ford Cars and Trucks. Tech tips, consumer guide to part vendors, etc.
Strunk's Mustang-O-Rama - Features history and pictures of '64 - '73 Mustangs.
TEAM DARKHORSE RACING - Historic Trans-Am racing site.
Telstar Mustang Shelby Cobra Restorations & Museum - Museum features an extensive collection of fully restored Mustang, Shelby & Cobra automobiles. Every year Shelby, every year GT-350, every year GT-500, every year Shelby fastback and every year Shelby convertible is represented. Located in Mitchell, South Dakota.
The Mustang Shop - Formerly Wabba's Mustang Shop - Bryan Fuller's site with lots of Mustang images and how-tos.
Trans Am Mustang History Logbook - This site attempts to be a history logbook for all Factory and independent T/A Mustang racers from 1969 on. It is a continuous effort to collect information about this famous breed.
Trinity's Mustangs - 1969-70 Mustang resource and information site with hundreds of 69/70 Mustang pictures and technical articles. Includes a free 69/70 Mustang forum.
Unique Performance - Restorer of the 1967 Shelby GT-500E (Eleanor). - Serving the world-wide community of mustang enthusiasts, this site is designed for the novice and professional enthusiasts who simply love Mustangs. Include forums and How-To articles.
VIN Decoder for Win95 - Andrew Costa's freeware program (under development) to decode VIN numbers.
Walden's Racing Pond - Chuck Walden's racing site, home of Ford 351C, 71-73 Mach I, Midwest Drag Racing, Engine Calculator, and Airflow Statistics/Graphs.
WILDPONY --- The unexpected ... FORD MUSTANG - Classic Mustang site in Germany (in German) with information and pictures of classic Mustangs and Shelbys.




Zahner Vintage Mustang Page - Vintage Mustang site with chat, best pony poll, guest book, and history and facts on the Ford Mustang.